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About EM

EMpower Yoga Therapy & Wellness Services was founded by me, Evelyn Madison, back in 2017 (hence the EM in ’empower’ ;)) I go by my middle name, Maddie, and am so excited to share yoga with you!

I have been practicing yoga for almost ten years now. I tried yoga for the first time in high school, but really experienced the full benefits in 2014 when I was suffering from  depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue syndrome. I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) at age eight, followed by mood disorder in my early adolescent years. I struggled for years with depression and anxiety, but was able to find solace through my beloved yoga practice. As cliché as it sounds, yoga saved my life and I believe I am on this earth to help other individuals experience the wonders and joys of finding their inner selves and allowing them to shine through like a bright light. My business thrives on my two greatest passions in life, people and yoga! At EMpower Yoga Therapy, my mission is to empower others to find their inner strengths and use them to nourish their lives.

When I am not teaching yoga or wellness coaching, I am spending time in nature with my German Shepard/ lab mix (who is also my side kick), and spending time with my loving husband, friends, and family. I live in Aldie, VA and currently service Loudoun and Fairfax counties. I hope to meet you soon!